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We specialize in a Home Staging Service which matches the style and architecture of your home with appropriate furniture and decor owned by one of our Certified Home Managers. Our service is FREE to the homeowner and it is the Certified Home Managers' responsibility to reside in the property and transform it into a beautifully staged, more marketable and appealing home that a prospective buyer can envision themselves living in while eliminating costly monthly expenses.  The Certified Home Manager will maintain the home in show condition ready to be exhibited to buyers at a moments notice 7 days per week from 9am until 8pm.  In addition to the interior of the home the Certified Home Manager conscientiously maintains the pool and lawn, further reducing your monthly expenses while showcasing your home in the most appealing and cost effective way possible.

Statistics show that vacant homes give the appearance of being distressed.

  • 70% of prospective buyers think there is either something wrong with the property or that the seller is financially overextended. 
  • 85% of those people make no offers at all while the other 15% will opportunistically make a low-ball offer. 
  • In today's market, the average vacant home is shown 67 times over a period of 288 days.
  • The average staged home is shown 16 times and typically receives an acceptable offer in a matter of a few months.

We would be honored to work with you in staging your home for a faster sale at a higher price, For Free!

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