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Home Staging simply sells homes quicker and for more money. We provide FREE Home Staging with beautiful furniture, Lawn Care, Pool Care, Utilities Paid, Liability Insurance and security to your listing. And it's always free to you and your homeowner.

FACT: Vacant homes give the appearance of a distressed situation.
FACT: Vacant homes take significantly more time to sell than occupied homes.

MYTH: Staging a vacant home is expensive.

This program is not for everyone but for the owners of some of your listings, this will be a lifesaver!  Currently your absentee owner may be incurring these monthly expenses:

  • Keeping the power and water on
  • Security system
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Pool maintenance
  • Additional premium from Home Owners Insurance due to it being vacant
  • Costly repairs due to inadequate maintenance
  • Staging fees

By utilizing our FREE service we will assist you and your Seller in making the home more marketable thus saving you time and expense by selling the house faster and at a better price. 

Once we begin working for you and your client you will notice the following:

  • The home will be beautifully furnished by our Certified Home Manager
  • The home will be clean and picked up 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm and ready to be shown with one hours notice
  • When you arrive to show the property the lights will be on and blinds will be open saving you time
  • The lawn will be mowed and walkways swept free of debris
  • The pool will be beautiful, inviting and in swim-ready condition
  • It will be a comfortable temperature

We do all of this at no cost to you or your Seller.  We offer your client the best possible situation; a cost-free staged home, lowered monthly expenses and the chance for a faster close at a higher price.

Statistics don't lie, Give us a try! A copy of our contract is below.


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