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Statistics have shown that once a For Sale home is unoccupied there is a:

  • 70% chance of it being viewed by a prospective buyer as “distressed” and any offers made will likely be “low-ball” offers.
  • 2x-3x longer duration until the property sells.
  • Greater chance for squatting, looting, theft & vandalism.
  • Higher Home Owners premium due to greater risk.
  • Greater tendency for services to be discontinued such as proper pool & lawn maintenance, Utilities, etc… due to the added expense month after month.

First American Home Tenders, Inc. was conceived to both educate the absentee home seller on the importance of selling an occupied and beautifully staged home.

The Real Estate market is ever changing. All Real Estate markets have one thing in common, they are all competitive.  You must put your homes’ best “foot” forward, so it has a greater likelihood that it will sell faster and for more money than home down the street!

Our service offers the benefits of a Professional Home Staging service with no cost to the homeowner.  Our onsite CERTIFIED HOME MANAGERS' job is to turn your vacant home into a beautifully furnished staged masterpiece ready to be shown at a moments notice 7 days a week from 9am – 8pm.  When the Prospective Buyers, accompanied by their Realtor, arrive at your residence they will find a beautifully staged, clean and tidy home with open blinds and lights turned on to exhibit your homes best attributes.  There will be no musty smell because the utilities are turned on lending a comfortable experience to your buyers.  The pool will be in beautiful, swim-ready condition and the lawn will be cut and watered as each are now our responsibility to maintain.

Not only is the staging service FREE but you save money as well.